Request URL

The API request URL is used to form your request to the API from your application.


Please consult the documentation for your application language for making HTTP requests.

Base URL

The base request URL consists of three parts.

Action /request
Version /v20

These three parts form the basic URL for the API request:

Complete Reqest URL

The API URL consists of the following GET Request parameters which are used in the request.

key required You account API key
postal code required The 5 digit postal code. NOTE: Include leading zeros
state optional The 2 letter state code. Example: CA for California
city optional The full city name
format optional The return format. Valid formats are JSON or XML. Default: JSON

Here is a sample of a fully formated URL used in the request:

Use this url to make an HTTP GET request to the API.

Check out the API Response documentation to learn more about the API response format.