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Testing with cURL
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  • Introduction

    Welcome to the Sales Tax API

    By providing as little as a zip code, we can determine the sales tax rates for your customers in their specific geographical area. In most states, sales tax rates change many times throughout the year. Our service provides you with a method to get this information quickly and easily and with no maintenance. The ZipTax team is dedicated to providing you with the critical up-to-date information you need so you can focus on the important parts of your business.

    Our API is designed to allow programmers to submit a request to our servers from a website or application and retrieve response data from our databases. The format of the response can be returned as JSON or XML. Simply pass the desired format as part of the request. works by submitting geographic information such as city, state, and zip code from your application or website. This data is used determine the correct sales tax information matching the provided location. Our service then returns that information to your application or website.

    Getting Started

    Request header requirement

    curl --header "Accept:application/json"

    The sales tax API uses standard Representational State Transfer (REST) principles for maximum flexibility with a wide range of program languages.

    To get started, simply follow this documentation to build a reuqest using the Request URL, parse the API Response to validate the response codes, and use the API results in your application.

    API Subscription Types

    General API

    The general sales tax API allows jurisdiction lookups using any combination of zip code, city, and state. This API level does not provide full address level lookup and only provides county data via response. Note when using this method, multiple response values may be returned where multiple tax jurisdictions match the query inputs.

    Geo API (address level)

    The GEO API version of allows queries with full address lookup. This method returns only a single response with the address level sales tax jurisdiction in the response. This is the recommended subscription type for use with our API.


    Base URL

    The API request URL is used to form your request to the API from your application.

    The base request URL consists of three parts.

    Subdomain Action Version /request /v30

    HTTP Request

    Base URL Example

    curl --header "Accept:application/json"


    Query Parameters (body data)

    Parameter Required Description
    key yes Your API key
    postalcode yes U.S. jurisdiction postal code (zip code)
    state optional two letter state code i.e. CA = California
    city optional full city name
    format optional Default = json or specify xml

    Additional Query Parameters (requires geo plan)

    Parameter Required Description
    street optional Full street address. Available only with GEO subscription.

    Full Request Example (with query parameters)

    Request Example with Query Params

    curl --header "Accept:application/json"

    This endpoint returns a sample request.


    Response Codes

    The API returns the following response codes based on request results.

    Code Reason Description
    100 SUCCESS Successful API Requet
    101 INVALID_KEY Key format is not valid
    102 INVALID_STATE State format is not valid
    103 INVALID_CITY City format is not valid
    104 INVALID_POSTAL_CODE Postal code format is not valid
    105 INVALID_FORMAT Query string format is not valid

    Response Results

    Sample Response (json)

      "version": "v30",
      "rCode": 100,
      "results": [
          "geoPostalCode": "90264",
          "geoCity": "MALIBU",
          "geoCounty": "LOS ANGELES",
          "geoState": "CA",
          "taxSales": 0.0925,
          "taxUse": 0.0925,
          "txbService": "N",
          "txbFreight": "N",
          "stateSalesTax": 0.06,
          "stateUseTax": 0.06,
          "citySalesTax": 0,
          "cityUseTax": 0,
          "cityTaxCode": "",
          "countySalesTax": 0.0025,
          "countyUseTax": 0.0025,
          "countyTaxCode": "19",
          "districtSalesTax": 0.03,
          "districtUseTax": 0.03
    Name Description Version
    geoPostalCode Requested postal code all
    geoCity City all
    geoCounty County all
    geoState State all
    taxSales Total sales tax all
    taxUse Total use tax all
    txbService Taxable service (values: null,Y,N,L) all
    txbFreight Taxable freight (values: null,Y,N) all
    stateSalesTax Portion of total sales tax from the state level v20+ only
    stateUseTax Portion of total use tax from the state level v20+ only
    citySalesTax Portion of total sales tax from the city level v20+ only
    cityUseTax Portion of total use tax from the city level v20+ only
    cityTaxCode Applicable city tax code v20+ only
    countySalesTax Portion of total sales tax from the county level v20+ only
    countyUseTax Portion of total use tax from the county level v20+ only
    countyTaxCode Applicable county tax code v20+ only
    districtSalesTax Portion of total sales tax from the district level v20+ only
    districtUseTax Portion of total use tax from the district level v20+ only


    For questions or comments please contact us via email at: